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In light of rising concerns surrounding Coronavirus COVID-19, I want to assure you that The Original Mortgage Company is committed to maintaining business operations as much as possible. We have suspended all face to face meetings at our office and home visits until further notice and will monitor the situation going forward. We can arrange skype, Zoom, What’s app conference and telephone calls at your convenience

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Mortgage Advice: The Original Mortgage Company Ltd are professional mortgage advisers that provide impartial mortgage advice.

The Original Mortgage Company Ltd provide mortgage advice in the north and the south of the UK with one purpose, to provide good honest mortgage advice that our clients can trust. We are impartial mortgage advisers meaning we have the ability to source mortgages from the whole of market.

The Original Mortgage Company Ltd was established in 2008 and is an England registered company No: 07395690. We have a team of mortgage consultants that cover the entire UK, from Berwick to Bristol, with well over 220+ years experience in mortgage advice.

Independent mortgage advice offering a free initial mortgage review. First class advice to meet your unique needs. We are an Independent Mortgage Broker Hartlepool.

How Do You Score ?

We believe one of the most important factors when it comes to getting a mortgage is credit score. When researching our clients mortgage we always check their credit file as it gives us an early  idea of how we can help the client. If you haven’t already we recommend you get a copy of your credit score here.


When getting our clients a mortgage we believe it is of paramount importance to have life assurance. Life assurance is a contract between the policy holder ( you ) and the insurer. The whole reason behind having life assurance is in the case your death the mortgage lender will not write off what is owed on the mortgage, but rather it will get passed on. The cover is so whom ever the house is left to is able to pay the mortgage.

It isn’t only death that triggers the payment, you can get different types of cover. For example if a client takes out a standard life assurance policy and they get critically ill, making them unable to pay off the mortgage, the standard cover may not pay out and the client will loose their home. But if the client takes out critical illness cover the insurer will pay out, and the client looses nothing . This is why we believe it is so important not just to get cover, but to get the right cover.

As a mortgage is secured against your home, it may be repossessed if you do not keep up the mortgage repayments

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